Posted by: smith7204 | 08/29/2012

My uphills and down hills with writing

I think the hardest thing about writing is meeting the standards that the younger generation sets. So much has changed in the years since I was last in school. Another difficulty with writing is reading critically before I start writing a paper. I have also had a hard time following through with my thoughts. When I begin to write something I have a tendency to fall short of the “so what factor” and other times I tend to ramble instead of focusing on one thing at a time. I always have so much I want to say but I get disorganized and it shows in my writing. Another thing I have had a problem with is finishing and saving my work. I think another difficulty that I have come across with my writing is knowing what genres are most read. Some genres like horror and science fiction, for now, are probably the most popular but sooner or later it will change and if a writer wants to stay in the business, they are going to have to change their writing styles to the times. On top of all of that, I am my own worst enemy because I am so critical of my work.

But all of that was before I got into college. Since I started working on my writing in various writing classes throughout the years I have learned how to follow through and think more critically. Another thing that I have learned is to go back through my ramblings and pick something out and dissect it to a point that it makes sence; then I take another rambling and do the same thing until I have made sense of that too. The writing that I have done required a great deal of imagination , which is something I do not lack. It also requires the writer to leave reality for a while to explore their characters lives and their surrounding environments. I love doing this because I have fun living vicariously through my characters.

Granted that most of my writing has focused mainly on fiction and creative non-fiction, I have been interested in learning all aspect of writing; including business and research writing. I think that if I am to become a great writer, then I need to learn everything about; from, the different types of writing to how to edit it, the rhetoric of writing and how language itself was formed so that we can write. “A writer should say to himself, not, How can I get more money?, but How can I reach more readers (without lowering standards)?” – Brian Aldiss. I think Brian Aldiss is right, reaching your audience is more important then reaching for the money.


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