Posted by: smith7204 | 09/04/2012

Response 2 BGSU blog

For my BGSU blog I choose the International Studies Network blog. What caught my eye at first was the way it popped. I thought it was very creative.

Upon further examination of the blog, I only found four things that made me question its credibility. The first thing was that not all of the blogs had the author(s) name(s); the second thing I noticed was that there were no citations or references; third, there was not a privacy policy stated; and fourth, there was no recommendation by a news media outlet. The fourth item that I listed above, I am not sure if that would matter for this type of blog.

As I scrolled through the blog, I could not find very many things that made me want to question its credibility. I found that it was very easy to read. On one side you have the blogs, which are very well written and very easily guided by the dates with the tabs sticking out. But what made it even easier was that if you did not want to scroll through the whole blog for what you wanted, all you had to do was go to the other side of the blog to the column that reads recent posts.

Other really good features on this blog were the clips keeping track of the pages and categories, such as; Career and Internship Opportunities in the categories section and ISN updates and events in the pages section. At the end of each blog; there is a telephone number, a standard address, an e-mail address, and an http:// cite, which I thought lent greatly to the credibility. I really loved the bold use of colors because, even though it is not professional it is really eye catching and that is the style I prefer.

The first blog I came to on this cite was “Volunteer and Partnership Fair Sept 6” I automatically thought that it was a shame that OSU Mansfield didn’t do something like this in the community. My overall impressions of this cite leans towards it being credible instead of not credible. There are only four things that I would recommend to the authors of this blog and that is to add citations and references where need, make sure that the authors put their names on their blogs to give them credit for what they write, where applicable, make sure the are recommended by a news media outlet, and to post their private policy statement. Otherwise, I really enjoyed this blog.


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