Posted by: smith7204 | 09/09/2012


Linking has both good and bad aspects. When I want to look something up in a hurry I find it very useful. But when people do not update the links on their web sites I find it very frustrating.

All I have to do is, go to Google or Yahoo and type in what I am looking for and it gives me a list of places to look at. It is definitely better than doing it the old fashion way which would be to look it up in a dictionary or encyclopedia or any other type of periodical. Another good thing about linking is that the web pages can be updated to give you more recent information, you cannot do that with the periodicals unless you buy new ones which can take a long time to obtain. If there is a part of the website I want to be able to link to in the future, all I have to do is add it to my favorites and I can go to it directly without having to go through the hassle of re-typing it into Google and starting the process over again. In some websites like Wikipedia, they will have certain words highlighted that are links to other web sites. This feature is useful because if you do not understand the word or its context or want to learn more about a famous person that the website refers to  then it will directly go to a website where you can reference it. It is really nice to be able to avoid all the paper cuts you would get the old fashion way.

However, there are a few bad aspects to linking as well. Sometimes when you try to link it will read error or have some other message to why you cannot access that web site. This happens mainly when the person(s) who wrote the web site do not update it. That can drive anyone crazy. Other times with linking, the main list will send you to something that either costs money to get information or it sends you to a site that has no relevance to what you are looking for. In this instance I find the old fashion way for looking up information easier and more useful. Another bad thing about linking is that it can link you to an unreliable web site like Wikipedia. These sites are no good because anyone can alter them with false information.

Linking is a great alternative to looking for information the old way. It can save time when you need to get information in a hurry, and it is easier to use instead of flipping through volumes of books. But it can also be a hassle when the sites you want to link to is either no good, or it lacks the correct information. When I start linking in my blogs, I think it will be a very frustrating task. I have tried to link before but never got the concept right, but I think it will be a good thing to learn.


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