” A Weblog or blog is a simple web page or site for frequently updated posts, or entries, that typically are arranged or presented in reverse chronological order, so that new entries always appear on top” (Carroll pages 137-138). There are four characteristics that make blogs a brilliant form of professional communication.

The first thing that makes blogs an amazing way to communicate is that it can be updated frequently. Depending on the audience a blog will be updated anywhere from everyday to every other day. “If a story is moving fast it could be updated several times a day, as information comes in” (Carroll. Page 154). http://ofwitandwill.com/?gclid=CK2M5IPb8rICFYVFMgodvRwAIw , The magazine for women who aspire to be bold, audacious and unafraid, This a blog for women who want to be inspired. So far they have thirteen archived articles. Each one plays music while you’re reading the article. I liked it so much, I added it to my favorites list. I am not sure how often they update their blog but it seems quite frequently.

The second thing that is a great characteristic about blogging is that they put the most recent article on top. This is:”so readers do not have to scroll or hunt for the latest information” (Carroll. Page 155). The third thing is that really good blogs tag posts so they can use key words to find related posts. In Wit & Will, if you look at the archives you will see that they have thirteen posted articles, they are arranged from the thirteenth article descending to the first article. If you go into each article, you will see certain words high lighted that when you click on it, it will take you to more information.

The titles of a blog are the fourth compelling characteristic of a successful blog. If the title is eye-catching then the article will be too. “The magazine for women who aspire to be bold, audacious and unafraid.” I find this eye-catching because it makes me feel like I want to be courageous and inspire others in my own endeavors.


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